Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Call of the Sea! Or, How I Spent the Last 3 Months of My Days & Nights

I am damn proud of this thing.
I swatched, I gauged, I casted on, I persevered. 

Knit mostly in the evenings after dinner while relaxing with my Husband as well as in the hours after he went to bed, 3 months later (1 day shy, actually) I have my very first hand knitted bathing suit taken from a reworked original 1920's pattern!

(Here's a very accidental glow-y photo
from a smudged lens, though I think it works!)

This is a huge deal for me, considering that in the 7+ years I have been knitting, I have *yet* to make a single sweater, pair of socks, or even a fraxin'* scarf! All of those "typical knitter" type projects just bore me to hell and back. I'm also 100% sure it has to do with the fact that I'd rather crochet that kind of stuff anyways-- much faster, easier, and more fun overall to just crochet something even remotely substantial!

Although, knitting vintage patterns has its own kind of reward... I feel more connected to the past, and in my own experience of just leafing through them, I wish a time machine would appear and suddenly take me there wearing the outfits I wish to have been magically knit for me. (If you couldn't already tell, I have very specific craft related time warp fantasies.)


Update: I wrote this post last Summer and am just now realizing that I never finished it. I have worn this many times since then and will have plenty more to add to this project <3


  1. Wow, you look amazing in that swimsuit! Glad you skipped scarf knitting, and dived into real vintage knitting! Excuse the pun!

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, I found my first (and only) scarf to be tedious and like I could be making more amazing things. Though, never underestimate the power of a hand-knit scarf!