-- Betty Crocker's Good and Easy Cook Book

Betty Crocker's
Good and Easy Cook Book
Copyright 1954

First off, how adorable is this cover?!

 I acquired this book from my husband's Grandmother after swooning over a really cute Sunset BBQ book from 1950 sitting on the shelf next to me while enjoying lunch at her house. (See?? CUTE!)

To which she replied, "Oh that old thing? I've had that for years and don't think I've even made anything from it."

She ended up sending it, and a box full of others, home with my Father-In-Law to give to me, and I was ecstatic beyond words. That box full of others is where this "Good and Easy Cook Book" came from.

Neat handwriting/font

There's even a decent section on picnics!

"A good breakfast is the foundation for a happy day."

"Here are dishes that take very little time to prepare, for we know how busy you are."

"... you will keep your family well fed and happy for many a dinner to come!"

"We hope these suggestions will add to the enjoyment of life in your home"

This book has obviously stood the test of time and seems to me that the design has everything to do with it. The size of the book itself is smaller so as to be manageable (maybe while stirring with one hand and holding it in the other), yet big enough to be easily readable. It has a rigid hard cover, and is covered in a material that is intended to be easily wiped off without any damage-- it looks and feels just like wallpaper, brilliant! It is spiral-bound for ease of use, again likely to hinder any damage and wear. There are full menu suggestions throughout and real color photographs at the end of each section. The graphics throughout this book are so of the time, and make this an utterly charming read. I can't wait to make more from it!

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