-- WoolCo Knitting and Crocheting Manual

Copyrighted 1917

This little gem of a book was sent to me as one of many like it from my dear Aunt in Colorado. It is exactly what it says it is: a Manual. But is it ever so much more! Though in black and white, the instruction photos are crisp, clear, and the patterns are surprisingly  modern. This book is really valuable, in that the patterns are practical, stylish, economical (hey, there WAS a war going on, ya know...) and there are offerings for the whole family-- from baby, to adolescent, to mom and dad. Even though it's not the oldest book I own, I would never even think of parting with it-- it's that good! Just look at the adorableness: 

I have already started a pattern from it, for knitted "Women's Leggings" (though not the kind we are used to these days...) and a separate blog entry about it will be up shortly.

I would scan the whole book and offer it as a free PDF, but it's already been done! Courtesy of Archive.org

Ravelry Project page with more details: Woolco Women's Leggings