Friday, July 22, 2016

Still Here After All These Years

Just posting to say that I'm still here, guys! I've been busy with loads of projects, ideas, and just getting through life and taking care of things in general. A LOT of things have happened in the interim, both good and bad (of which I won't go into detail or even mention --that's for another blog for another day), so here's a very bare bones highlight reel:

2013 (November-December)
  • Bought our 1st house 

  • Got our first dog together, a vicious beast named Lucy 

  • Went back to school for the first time since high school 

  • Got a new full time job
  • Got another vicious beast named Mancy 

                                    (insert caption here)


  • aaaaaaaand you're pretty much all caught up!

 So I've been craving another yarny bathing suit project since my first foray into knitted swimwear, but didn't wholly realise it until I recently came across this blog post by Pretty Old Patterns, with the 2nd option having leapt from the screen saying "Knit me! Knit me! I know you have the perfect yarn already!"

(image © Pretty Old Patterns)

I picked out some lovely yarn that my Step Mommy Dearest brought back from Scotland (darker blue, left), as well as some Mini Mochi I bought a ton of through an online sale somewhere (drat for not keeping good notes): 

So far I keep getting held up at the same spot, as you can read for yourself on my Ravelry project page for it. 

I'm at the point of relegating it to the corner while I get through a case of "Finishitis". (It's a word, I promise I'm pretty sure.) Since I've got a lot of time on my hands these days, I figure I'd start finishing projects before I start any more. There's a mantra for ya: "Start Finishing." It's given me a second wind type of elation... finishing projects that have been UFOs (that's yarny speak for Unfinished Objects) for-EV-er has put the wind back in my blogging sails!

It's kind of insane how many projects and recipes I've had on deck for these past 3 years... THREE YEARS. Every time I dive into a vintage book/pattern/recipe/cocktail (<---sometimes it feels like diving in after trying a few recipes I would rather not repeat again), I think "This will be perfect for the blog!" and proceed to snap photos and take notes, then get overwhelmed at knowing how much time and effort goes into a blog post-- even one as seemingly simple as this one-- and just quickly share it on Instagram or Facebook with the tap of a few buttons on my phone and call it good. That being said, I've decided to use this blog mostly for more detailed and descriptive posts, when the benefit of storytelling elaboration is better. I can't tell you how many times I have gotten a project going-- usually from a vintage pattern-- gotten stuck, searched the internet for any information at all in hopes that someone else-- somebody, ANYBODY?! (We are in the "information age" after all, right?)-- has done it before and blogged about it, only to come up empty handed and still stuck and frustrated, hence the start of even more projects. And in this day and age of increasing narcissism self promotion and decreasing attention span (<---- guilty as charged), I figure I'd do my part. 

So expect more from this blog than in years past (5 posts in 5 years?? I mean, come ON). Though, you can throw those delusions of grandeur weekly post expectations right out the window. I'm not sponsored or have my own tv show. Yet.

In the spirit of being a living, walking & breathing contradiction, here's a totally modern podcast about the early days of Hollywood: You Must Remember This