-- The How To Keep Him (After You've Caught Him) Cookbook

The How To Keep Him (After You've Caught Him) Cookbook
Copyright 1968

Goodness, where to begin! This treasure of a book caught my attention in the Google image results while searching for... drat. I can't remember what. All I know is that as soon as I saw it I purchased a dirt cheap copy on Amazon.  (Or rather, my husband did. He's the one with the money and the Amazon Prime account. Love that guy.) It appears that Jinx and Judy wrote a book preceding this one called "Saucepans and the Single Girl" in 1965, and apparently their exact themes have rolled over into this book-- only the chapter introductions are of a much different tone, I'm guessing.

Just get a load of the table of contents!

I have yet to thoroughly read through all the chapters, but I think I will save that for the blog posts as they happen. It cracks me up the way these authoresses tried to preach freedom and individuality while at the same time telling the wife to be conforming and subservient to their husband-- who is also put into neat little predictable and fully realized categories. At least that's the vibe I was getting from just flipping through it-- it came through loud and clear. The fun part will be trying to get into that mindset while preparing and cooking from this book. I already made 2 recipes and 1 entire menu in the first week of getting this book, and I think that was enough to force onto my dear husband at the time. He was a good sport, though the recipes really weren't terrible at all. Either that, or I am getting much better at this whole cooking thing we wives are supposed to be instant pros at. So stay tuned and find out, my dears!

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