-- The Calvert Party Encyclopedia

The Calvert Party Encyclopedia:
Your Complete Guide to Home Entertaining
Copyright 1965

 Just look at that cover! How very Mad Men! Either one of the white-haired guys could easily be Roger Sterling-- in the front, he could be asking the woman (who doesn't have a drink in her hand yet) something like "You look dry. How about a wet martini and maybe we could go somewhere a little more private?" Or it could be him at the bar pouring himself yet another drink-- I don't think he ever stops drinking, with the exception of his 2 heart attacks, TWO! And even then, he didn't wait long to jump back on that booze train.
The dark haired fella in the back is obviously Don Draper, and the women could either be simply two interested females, or the blonde is Betty (just look at that pose, maybe she's checking her shoes for scuffs or she's had enough of his charm working on another woman) and the other one is someone who he wants to sleep with-- or maybe he already has.

All I really know, is that this book is just the thing-- it's hip, the recipes are astonishingly simple (and similar), and the graphics through out are just terrific!

Just check out these illustrations...
it's enough to want to throw a party every time I look at them!

It even has games, wit and wisdom, and even how to make a great toast.
Priorities I tell ya!

I know that measurements don't change, but how the prices sure have! I wonder what these would all amount to with today's prices. Hhhmm. I'll have to look into that.

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